Believe in Restoration!

Hey my fellow Christians!  Instead making the same old mundane New Years Resolutions that after a week or so we give up on anyway, lets decree and declare restoration in 2015!  We all know the Webster dictionary meaning of restoration, and we all know a few scriptures of what God says about restoration.  So why not ask for that instead of planning how to have better eating habits.  When God restores don’t think of it as wordly possessions, but first think of God restoring your mind and spirit.  You see when he restores the mind, you begin to think as he thinks and act accordingly.  You think outside the box.  You will never be omniscient as he is, but those problems you face on the regular, make you think as Joshua did in Joshua 10, and ask God to make the sun stand still.  When God restores your spirit, he will activated the fruits of the spirit inside you.  You will be walking in holiness as he is holy!  That is when God’s power can activate in you.  You will be a worship leader that can bring the lost soul who has never known God into his presence!  You will be the mighty evangelist who can win souls with the help of the holy spirit!  You will be the preacher that can cast out demons in Jesus name!  You will be the missionary that will tread upon the serpent!  You will be the child of God that is like a tree planted by the water, when lifes problems hit you, you will not waver!  How awesome is that!!!


Our Men Need Help!!!

As the Lord continues to use me to witness to men, I find that more and more men are heart broken.  Whether it’s from bad relationships, rejection, or feelings of abandonment; I run across men everyday who feel less of man.

It is unfortunate that our men are being teared down by strong and dominant women.  It is a viscous cycle caused by women who are raised in a single parent home and learn to become independent.

So how do we reverse this?  You might think I’m crazy.  You probably can’t stand the word.


The word is submit.  Yes ladies we have to learn to submit to the men.  I didn’t say submit to your boyfriend that refuses to put a ring on it.  I didn’t say say submit to the guy you’ve been dating a month.  And I definitely didn’t say submit to the man who still has no clue what he is doing in his life.  Only submit to the man that God has for you.

I man loves to feel needed and respected.  Ladies this is how you will get the desire you want from him, which is to love you and love on you!

A Fan of Interracial Dating

Yes I am a Christian, yes I am a black woman, and yes I am a fan of interracial dating.  It makes me smile to see interracial couples kissing, in sync, and being flirtatious with one another.  I know some would say it’s 2015 and people who have a problem with it need to get over, but is that really the solution?  If I’m not mistaken this country was built on the standard of freedom.  We are free to have an opinion about everything.  Right?

I am grateful and thankful that I live in the 20th century, especially since during my grandmother’s youthful years, that if I smiled at a white man flirtatiously I probably would have been hanged.  But, did you know that it did happen?  Surprisingly enough my grandmother said that she had quite a few prospects, back in her day that were of another persuasion.

All I’m saying is, I wouldn’t be upset if the Lord sent my husband and he was of another color.  Just saying…. 🙂

The Unbearable Solitude of Being an African Fan Girl


By Chinelo Onwualu

Being an African fan girl is a strange, liminal thing. You’re never quite sure that you exist, you see. A part of you is rooted in your culture and its expectations for how a woman ought to behave – church, family, school – but another is flying off into the stars carrying a samurai sword and a machete. Not one thing or another, you’re both at the same time.

It doesn’t help that you’re invisible. In all the representations of geek culture, in all the arguments for inclusion, it doesn’t seem like your voice can be heard. After all, shows like The Big Bang Theory which are supposed to be modern representations of geeks and their culture seem entirely populated by white people with plenty of free time and disposable income. If you don’t look like that, don’t have that kind of money or time, are you…

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