A Fan of Interracial Dating

Yes I am a Christian, yes I am a black woman, and yes I am a fan of interracial dating.  It makes me smile to see interracial couples kissing, in sync, and being flirtatious with one another.  I know some would say it’s 2015 and people who have a problem with it need to get over, but is that really the solution?  If I’m not mistaken this country was built on the standard of freedom.  We are free to have an opinion about everything.  Right?

I am grateful and thankful that I live in the 20th century, especially since during my grandmother’s youthful years, that if I smiled at a white man flirtatiously I probably would have been hanged.  But, did you know that it did happen?  Surprisingly enough my grandmother said that she had quite a few prospects, back in her day that were of another persuasion.

All I’m saying is, I wouldn’t be upset if the Lord sent my husband and he was of another color.  Just saying…. 🙂


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