Believe in Restoration!

Hey my fellow Christians!  Instead making the same old mundane New Years Resolutions that after a week or so we give up on anyway, lets decree and declare restoration in 2015!  We all know the Webster dictionary meaning of restoration, and we all know a few scriptures of what God says about restoration.  So why not ask for that instead of planning how to have better eating habits.  When God restores don’t think of it as wordly possessions, but first think of God restoring your mind and spirit.  You see when he restores the mind, you begin to think as he thinks and act accordingly.  You think outside the box.  You will never be omniscient as he is, but those problems you face on the regular, make you think as Joshua did in Joshua 10, and ask God to make the sun stand still.  When God restores your spirit, he will activated the fruits of the spirit inside you.  You will be walking in holiness as he is holy!  That is when God’s power can activate in you.  You will be a worship leader that can bring the lost soul who has never known God into his presence!  You will be the mighty evangelist who can win souls with the help of the holy spirit!  You will be the preacher that can cast out demons in Jesus name!  You will be the missionary that will tread upon the serpent!  You will be the child of God that is like a tree planted by the water, when lifes problems hit you, you will not waver!  How awesome is that!!!


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