Let Me Explain “God gave us free will”

I have only been a dedicated follower of Christ for just a little over 2 years.  I’ve heard the phrase “God gave us free will” more than I would like to from both believers and unbelievers.  So where does it say this in the bible?  The truth is, it doesn’t.  So where does this popular phrase come from?   It is common knowledge not only from studying scripture, but also observing the world we live in.  The choice is simple yet we miss it because we’re so focused on our current “living situation”.  We are not concerned about where we will spend eternity.  We’re focused on who that trust fund should go to.  Or if you’re a little naive, you may believe you will live forever.  If we can understand the truth that there is a heaven and a hell, then we can understand what God gave us free will for.  God does not live in hell.  If you use your free will to not follow Jesus, unfortunately you have chosen to forfeit going to heaven.  Its just like traveling.  Believe or not, there is a small town in Wyoming called Lander that has one way in and one way out.  The peculiar town has only one street that travels through it.  If you ever decided to visit there guess what, you can’t go in the back way.  This is the choice we are faced with today.  There is no back route to heaven. There is only one way to enter.  Please, take the time to meditate on this.  Our world is getting crazier by the day.  Free will is awesome if you make the right decision.


Let Me Explain

Being A Christian is not fun????

I recently attended a Lacrae and Andy Mineo christian concert at the lovely Fox Theatre in St. Louis, MO, and was amazed at the turn out.  The place was packed wall to wall with families, teens, and church groups from all backgrounds and races.  It blessed my soul to see members of the body of Christ to come together and enjoy God’s people.  Let me tell you, Andy and Lacrae put on an awesome show!  The atmosphere was alive as we clapped our hands and stomped our feet.  Watching the little kids enjoy placed a joy in my heart I will never forget.  People danced, they shouted, and screamed as they concert progressed.  The night ended with a blissful feeling that Christians do have fun!  Unfortunately when I was an unbeliever, I assumed Christian life was boring.  This is totally not the case.  As a Christian you can have fun, you can enjoy life, you can laugh and be merry!  Our savior died so that we could have life more abundantly.  So don’t let stigma “Christians are boring” stop you from hanging out with us.  We know how to have fun.  Come see how we turn up for Jesus!  God bless you!