Christian singles often ask God this question while we wait “patiently” for our mates. It can throw us for a loop when we see some of our fellow brethren marry fairly quickly.  Some may ask what did I do wrong?  I can honestly say nothing. We develop and walk out our journeys at our own pace.  Unfortunately I move like a snail.  My analytical personality doesn’t help.  I like to test and say, “Are you sure God?” Especially since I took a nasty spill in 2014.  I had to rebuild my faith.  To top it off, I’m in my 30’s and strangely enough, people believe you missed the getting married bandwagon. This is totally not the case of course.  Let me give you some reasons why for the delay and we can debate later 😃.

1. Your not ready

2. Unresolved issue

3. Did you forget to repent for any “known” sin?

4. Are you dating or waiting?

5. Have you developed a relationship with God?

6. Have you died to self?

7. Are willing to let God do it?

8. Do you believe he will?


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