Wait Your Turn

In the 21st century where we have access to 4G networks, 4 speed turbo engines, and flights that can get us from St. Louis to Florida in 4 hours: there is no denying that the fastest service is the best service.  In reality though, this type of benefit only spoils the average person even the more.  Instead of learning how to wait patiently, we shout and sometimes get very rude when things take too long.  I bet most of us get angry at God when blessings take too long.  “God where’s my financial breakthrough, where’s my mate, where’s my healing?”

Some of us even go further asking God why did he get blessed, or she doesn’t deserve it, or how come I didn’t get blessed like they did (theirs is better than mine).  Sounds really petty but trust me we do this as saints sometimes even if it’s never spoken out loud.  God knows our heart.  The problem is we’ve learned we don’t have to wait to obtain something we desire.  But when you are a part of God’s family, as his child he teaches us to wait.  Why?  God is so much wiser than we realize.

 This scripture puts thing in perspective.  James 1:4 But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.  Patience produces Peace!!!  When you have patience you are more peaceful in your responses to people and circumstances.  And with that peace that you have from being patient, you can wait.  Honestly, God doesn’t always move as soon as we want him to.  Seriously, it’s like almost never!  But you can still smile in knowing that when he shows up…he always blows your mind.  God bless!


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