There are many times in life we come to road blocks in our life or dead ends.  Sometimes they are caused by our own mistakes, the enemy (Satan), and sometimes even God himself.  I personally have been through all 3!  You feel trapped and like there is no way to get to the other side!  Perhaps you’ve tried all you can try in your own strength to get a new job and nothing is happening.  100’s of applications have been rejected!  What do you do?

DON’T LOSE HOPE!  Even if you only have a seed of it left.  That’s all you need is a mustard seed to give to Jesus and say…. “Lord Jesus can you make this grow!  It’s all I have to give you Lord!”  God is good!  He desires to give to his children and bless us!  That is the hope you need to have!  Jesus that we being evil know how to give good gifts to our children, how much more does our Heavenly Father know how to give good gifts from God!  I don’t know about you but I have received some awesome gifts from the Lord!  Don’t give up keep asking him to bless you!  It’s coming.  Though it tarry (delay) wait for it!





Suffering in silence is gold!  A heart wrenching reality for believers in Christ at some point in their journey.  Sometimes described as walking in humility.  What is the benefit you may ask? The crown of eternal life of course!  There is a purpose to suffering and remaining absolutely quiet.

  1. It is a POWERFUL testimony.
  2. God will get the glory!

Jesus suffered in silence as he was beaten, whipped, chained, and hung on the cross.  The pain and agony and mental anguish he went through is indescribable!  The torment his mind and body endured is unfathomable!  And he took every beating and every insult without responding.  He never complained, he never spoke his mind, he never said how he felt.  He kept it all in.  Since he is the Son of God doesn’t it make since that he kept silent while he went through turmoil?  Since he had power to speak life and death and at the moment death was upon him doesn’t it make since that he remained silent?  He knew without a shadow of a doubt he would rise in 3 days.  Something powerful in that 3 days happened.  Perhaps he couldn’t see it with his natural eyes!  But his spirit was well aware that angels were getting ready to roll that stone back from his grave where he would lay.  His present suffering didn’t matter because he new it couldn’t compare to the glory that would be revealed when he was resurrected! Romans 8:18


Sometimes you just have to break up scriptures so that they make since to you.  The jargon of the KJV can leave you feeling clueless.  SLOW DOWN. Take your time reading it.  Look up the definitions of the words.  Look at the Hebrew and Greek meanings.  Allow God to speak to you as you read.  He will drop nuggets that will wow you!  Don’t rush and eat because your food won’t digest properly and result in a tummy ache.  The same concept works with the word of God.  You have to digest it.  We don’t live by bread alone but EVERY word that comes out of the mouth of God.

Today’s scripture:  Hebrews 1:11 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

You are believing in something that hasn’t been accomplished, completed, and in most cases not even started.  You can’t physically see it with your own eyes.  But you can feel it.  You say to yourself, I was born to do this!  You feel a push to make it happen.  You daydream about when you’re not working to complete it.  It is a tangible thing that you have convinced yourself you must have or complete.


Good afternoon!  Don’t worry.  I’m not going to write a 4 page blog on how to chase God.  It’s really quite simple.  God loves when we pursue him!  It’s like a man chasing after his wife.  His desire is strong to make her happy that she is smitten.  Her cheeks are rosey and face flustered because she is so overwhelmed with joy.  It makes her feel desired and loved when she is chased.  God wants us to chase him this way!  When I am truly chasing God with all my heart, it makes be bubbly.  It’s like I am falling in love even more with Jesus.  Make since?  When you chase something you really desire you often trip over objects in the way or completely lose balance and fall.  Yet you still chase after it!  It’s how a runner crosses the finish line.  Perserverence…which is a fruit we should bare.

God intends to help you get to your destiny.  Just like he guided and provided for the children of Israel on the journey from slavery Egypt, to the wilderness with no resources, through the valley of dry places,  into the desert where he gave them rest in (Elim), and finally into a land with many mountains and giants that the people had to conquer BEFORE they entered into the promised land.  The only one’s that were allowed to enter had strong confidence and belief in what they did not see Hebrews 1:11.  Keep believing, keep seeking, keep pursuing Jesus.  He will get you to your destiny!