Suffering in silence is gold!  A heart wrenching reality for believers in Christ at some point in their journey.  Sometimes described as walking in humility.  What is the benefit you may ask? The crown of eternal life of course!  There is a purpose to suffering and remaining absolutely quiet.

  1. It is a POWERFUL testimony.
  2. God will get the glory!

Jesus suffered in silence as he was beaten, whipped, chained, and hung on the cross.  The pain and agony and mental anguish he went through is indescribable!  The torment his mind and body endured is unfathomable!  And he took every beating and every insult without responding.  He never complained, he never spoke his mind, he never said how he felt.  He kept it all in.  Since he is the Son of God doesn’t it make since that he kept silent while he went through turmoil?  Since he had power to speak life and death and at the moment death was upon him doesn’t it make since that he remained silent?  He knew without a shadow of a doubt he would rise in 3 days.  Something powerful in that 3 days happened.  Perhaps he couldn’t see it with his natural eyes!  But his spirit was well aware that angels were getting ready to roll that stone back from his grave where he would lay.  His present suffering didn’t matter because he new it couldn’t compare to the glory that would be revealed when he was resurrected! Romans 8:18


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