Leaders, Pastors, Ministers, Evangelist, Teachers, Managers, and all people who hold a position of power at some point need encouragement themselves!  Any position where you have to lead can empower but can also drain you.  Consider Moses who was overwhelmed in the beginning months of his journey with the Israelites sought help from the Lord.  He couldn’t handle the thousands of people needs by himself.  So the Lord assigned him leaders within the tribes to assist him.  He still was overwhelmed with help and eventually his role was given to Joshua.  Joshua is the amazing young soul that asked God to make the sun stand still (Joshua 10).  Yet in still with amazing faith he too needed encouraging.  The bible says, “But Joshua the son of Nun, which standeth before thee, he shall go in thither: encourage him: for he shall cause Israel to inherit it.” Deuteronomy 1:38.  People with great big vision and assignments have great responsibility to make sure it comes to pass.  They need our prayers & support.  They need our kind words and encouragement.  These leaders are the same ones that encourage us when we are down.



Final Fantasy 10 happens to be the #1 video game ever made in my opinion!  It is aesthetically pleasing and the graphics are stunning.  The pic shows the character Yuna who walks on water.  We all know the story of Jesus walking on water and Peter coming to him.  We all understand that it took faith for Peter to walk on water.  What did it feel like for Peter to walk on water?  Let’s get active! Try placing one foot as light as can in a pool or tub of water. Touch it light enough where your foot doesn’t submerge itself in the water.  Do it very slowly and notice the sensation you feel.  Immediately recognize your feet are wet right? That your foot isn’t submerged. You can feel a break or pressure between your foot and the water.  Now imagine taking the other foot and standing up on water.  Imagine you have the ability to stand w/o sinking.  Do you realize what happened with Peter?  By standing on water he was applying much weight and pressure to a surface that is penetrable.  Peter’s ability to walk on water wasn’t just about his faith, but the power of Jesus! Because of #Jesus Peter and YOU now are able to gain territory that naturally you wouldn’t have access to.  Even if you are in a place where you could potentially sink!  But his power keeps us all above water despite the elements.  You can walk on water!  You can overcome tough situations and dream big!  There is nothing too hard for our #God

Remember he helped an ordinary man (Peter) have faith to walk on water!images


I thought obedience would bring such a negative connotation as a title to this blog so I decided to choose a less threatening word; dutifulness.  Dutiful means being careful to fulfill obligations (deadlines or promises) or duties.  Another definition can be one who has clear vision about their assignment and fulfills it being motivated by duty rather than desire or enthusiasm.  Moses received a obviously rather difficult assignment and did not receive it with enthusiasm.  He tried his best to convince God to choose someone else.  But as Moses accepted his assignment and began to walk that thing out he was purely motivated by duty, not enthusiasm (or how it made him feel) to complete the assignment God had given him.  God given assignments don’t always make you feel good.  Think about our beloved Saviour Jesus.  I don’t know anyone on earth who had a more brutal assignment than Jesus.  To be bruised for ALL the transgressions of mankind!  To die for ALL the sins of mankind!  Jesus certainly didn’t do it because it felt good.  He truly suffered as he fulfilled his DUTY to God!  But in his suffering he learned that word we all love to hate…OBEDIENCE!  His flesh was literally ripped to shreds to remove ALL desire to please himself!  His obedience was to God not man! So go back and review the assignment again that God has given you.  If it doesn’t look easy or pleasing to the flesh!  Then you can confirm your assignment is from God and that you are doing it with an dutiful spirit!

Hebrews 5:8 Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered;