It’s a question that we don’t ask ourselves enough.  What do you do when you love that sin?  You know the one.  It makes you feel alive!  Relaxes you, calms your nerves, excites you, feels good, makes your stomach have butterflies; there are many good feelings that sin can spark.  Yet your spirit still makes you aware, “This is wrong.”

It’s not so easy to repent when you find yourself enjoying that behavior. So how do we overcome the desires of the flesh…which is what that truly is…pray, PRAY, and PRAY some more.  You see the desire of the flesh might as well be another word for spiritual warfare.  And spiritual warfare is no joke.  You are literally fighting yourself on something you know you shouldn’t have but you want desperately.

It can be something as simple as not eating that piece of chocolate when you know you are on a diet.  But it could be the strong desire to pick up that bottle of vodka or sleep with the guy/girl you know you don’t want.

At times like this the best thing you can do is call on the name of JESUS.  I can tell you from experience he will sustain you.  He will provide a way of escape from the deadly sin.  So ask him for help first!