Helpmeet vs. Swapmeet

Good afternoon bloggers and readers!  It is my pleasure to present today’s topic are you a helpmeet or just swapmeet.  Trust me I am not trying to jab anyone, but I want you to understand what it looks like from a male perspective when your looking for a husband.  Ladies if you don’t have a male confidant, like an older brother or a good friend (not a friend you’re secretly attracted to, but just a friend) get one!  It helps!!

I am often baffled when I see women who jump from relationship to relationship or brag about the back up buddy just in case the new guy messes up.  It’s sad because women are only trying to find true love.  I know because I used to be one.  But you have to be aware of how it looks to GOOD men!  It’s not a good thing trust me.

In fact a godly man won’t even look twice.  I heard a guy say once he wasn’t fond of a woman who dated a lot.  It didn’t matter to him that she wasn’t sleeping around with all of them.  He said something so profound it stuck with me.  “Women who jump from guy to guy just aren’t secure in themselves.  I want a confident woman.  Makes since ladies?book cover



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