I just love Peter!  He is one of my favorite people that is recorded in the Bible.  He was an imperfect person perfected in Christ.  Most people know Peter as the one who curses.  He was also a boaster, prideful, and probably a few other things we may not recognize.  But all Christ could see was his finished product.  “But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.”  Luke 22:32

Leah is another profound woman in the Bible who didn’t have a lot of options and God still used her and her unwanted seed for greatness!

I can’t stand bullying.  It infuriates me to know that more and more kids are committing suicide because of it.  There is so much blaming going on that there is not an obvious solution to the problem.  I have experienced bullying as a child however, it never drove me to thoughts of suicide praise God.  My generation was taught to fight back.  So in essence that’s what I did. If you made fun of me I made fun of you.  If you hit me I hit you.  Now that I am older and saved I often question how I will tell my kids to handle a bully.  Christ said to turn the other cheek right?

I remember a kid bullying my little brother when he was just in the second grade.  I was in the fifth grade.  As I said before I wasn’t always saved.  He was pushing my brother and I came to his defense.  Needless to say we took care of the bully on the school playground.  But as a Christ-loving child how would I have acted, how should I act?  One day I was flipping through the Instagram help section and say that they have a link to click if you need help with thoughts of suicide.  This broke my heart!

I pray that we are teaching our kids to friend those who are bullied for being different and to the kids who attend school with the victim to not stand by but get help when someone is being bullied.  I pray that the schools begin to crack down harder on kids who bully and parents of bullies to become more aware of how your child is behaving at school.  Victims of bullying often feel that there is something wrong with them.  I know this torment seems to go on forever, but trust me it doesn’t.  I am living proof of that!

We all have different views of why we aren’t perfect.  I absolutely hated being skinny.  I was teased for so long I hated my body!  It’s funny how I was considered ugly as a kid and now in my 30’s the same people who made fun of me say they wish they were me. Perhaps you don’t like your skin tone, height, location, circumstances, whatever the case me be know this; God sees you as perfect no matter what!  He can take what the world sees as imperfect and perfect you!

I want this blog to shared with someone you may know is dealing with thoughts of suicide and to Christian children and parents that read this.  God bless you!



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