After 2016 single season, I’d rather not continue conversations about the opposite sex and dating.  But because of my current state I have no choice I gather.  I am learning that interestingly enough men talk about dating just as much as women do, without the commentary.

One young lady said to me, Husbands are nice but they require a lot of attention and work. No ma’am, you are selfish and not ready to be a wife!  Let’s just get to the root of the matter.  In reality she requires a lot of attention and if her list of requirements aren’t met, then she passes the men by.

Sadly, this is the world we exist in today.  Men and women have ridiculous list made out that almost seems like a list made by the government or media on what’s required from their mate.  And what’s worse is they haven’t even met the person.  We don’t know what they look like, their personality, nor their purpose!

So my question to Christians singles with the “must have” list is this….Where is your list of obligations and duties to your mate!  So you want them to meet this and that requirement?  Where are your requirements to your mate?  What are you bringing to the table?

I hope it matches what you are demanding!

It’s time out for the foolishness.  God can’t give you his best if your mind is made up of what you want.  You can get that on your own!  What do you need God’s approval for after you have created your own Adam or Eve?

Just saying…


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