I can’t say I am a fan of the TV show “Married At First Sight”, but to each his own.  It’s funny because people do this in every day life without the wedding bells.  Christian dating and waiting can be tough, whether you’re a guy or girl.  There are times you just get tired of waiting…especially if it’s been a few years.  There are a lot of strong opinions about Christian dating.  Should we date or wait and allow God to choose a spouse for you?  What you do is your business let me just say that. If you are dating let me just say be careful of falling in love At First Sight!

Often we are captured by the persons beauty or physical appearance first.  We really should try to be more like God and look at the heart, see

1 Samuel 16:7 

And for those of us who live in La-la land we dream up a relationship, wedding, and family all within the first 5 minutes of meeting someone.  STOP IT!  Fellas you are already undressing the girl 10 minutes after the first hello.  Don’t do that it stops your brain cells from processing what she is actually saying. Come on now, we all embody the fruit of the spirit temperance (discipline) right?  I’m speaking to myself too!

All I’m saying is, be careful of the “at first sight” syndrome.  Give it time to foster from strangers to associates, associates to friends.  And if something is there and you sense there is more pray and ask God.  That may be your spouse!  God bless!



It’s hard to describe how I feel today.  It is an unusual mixture I haven’t felt before; blissful and yet a little bit of chaos.  Excited and nervous!  Fearful and Bold!  When I hear the words “You are in transition”  I automatically go into panic mode.  It’s a familiar place and yet it is unfamiliar.  It is familiar because I have been in a state of transition before with God.  But I know and understand that every place of transition is not the same.  If you’re a hiker or mountain climber you can understand what I am saying.  Though the goal is the same, how you reach it can be different on each level.  Mountains vary greatly in size and terrain.  Each plateau or place of rest can differ.  Some have more scenic trees or grass, and some have only a small dangerous cliff for you to take break at.  Transition can make you feel like your stepping out in a grassy plateau looking up towards the next hill you have to climb or it can have you standing on the edge, feeling like if you take the wrong step, you’ll fall!

In this moment I feel like Abraham.  Going to a place unbeknownst to me and waiting for God to show me along the route.  In this place I know that I will be changed.  In this season I know that God is making all things new!  I am pursuing God!  Pursuing God will lead you to your destiny.  You don’t have to pursue the destiny!  When you follow Jesus he will lead you beside green pastures as Psalms 23 tells us!  There is a freedom in knowing that you are following God and totally trusting him.  The month of July I put my trust in someone I don’t even know, just met, and followed them to a Christian conference that changed my life forever!  In this journey that lasted 4 days I managed to do things I would never do.  Camping and showering outside was the big ones!  All my basic needs were met and provided for.  I couldn’t ask for a better weekend. In it I saw how we should follow God.  I didn’t ask a lot of questions upfront.  I just said okay.  Trusting this person whom btw is a Christian.  My spirit never said no.  It just said okay.  With God we just need to learn to say okay.  No need to ask 50 questions.  We know God knows the plans he has for our lives right (Jeremiah 29:11)?

There is a freedom in following God, no questions, no doubts, just completely relying on him.  I’m asking you to trust him today!