I can’t say I am a fan of the TV show “Married At First Sight”, but to each his own.  It’s funny because people do this in every day life without the wedding bells.  Christian dating and waiting can be tough, whether you’re a guy or girl.  There are times you just get tired of waiting…especially if it’s been a few years.  There are a lot of strong opinions about Christian dating.  Should we date or wait and allow God to choose a spouse for you?  What you do is your business let me just say that. If you are dating let me just say be careful of falling in love At First Sight!

Often we are captured by the persons beauty or physical appearance first.  We really should try to be more like God and look at the heart, see

1 Samuel 16:7 

And for those of us who live in La-la land we dream up a relationship, wedding, and family all within the first 5 minutes of meeting someone.  STOP IT!  Fellas you are already undressing the girl 10 minutes after the first hello.  Don’t do that it stops your brain cells from processing what she is actually saying. Come on now, we all embody the fruit of the spirit temperance (discipline) right?  I’m speaking to myself too!

All I’m saying is, be careful of the “at first sight” syndrome.  Give it time to foster from strangers to associates, associates to friends.  And if something is there and you sense there is more pray and ask God.  That may be your spouse!  God bless!


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