Ever ask why relationships are such a hot topic in the church?  Think about it….our entire world revolves around relationships.  How we think, feel, and act are predetermined by our relationships with our parents (if any) family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers.

The most important relationship we will ever have hopefully is our relationship with Jesus.  Just imagine for a second, we treat Jesus like our absent father who wants to rekindle a relationship down the road.  We ignore his phone calls, or we only call him when we need money.

How about treating him like an overbearing, but nurturing mother?  You only run to momma when you feel like your world is over, but as soon as a little light shines through your gone.  Running to your pleasures again and leaving your poor mother behind.

Maybe you treat Jesus more like that annoying co-worker, you pretend to listen to as they tell you about their weekend.  Or you abruptly end the conversation because they get on your nerves.  You’d rather spend time with anyone else than them.

Or maybe Jesus was like the homeless man you saw on the street and said to yourself, he  only wants my money to buy liquor and you pass him by without thinking twice.  Whether you have a super close relationship with Jesus comparing to the mothers scenario or more similar to the annoying co-worker it’s safe to say your relationship needs work.

The concept to grasp is that you want a healthy relationship with all five relationships, including Jesus.  The key to acknowledge is that the only way you can have a healthy relationship with those on earth is to first develop a healthy relationship with Christ.  This takes time!  Spend time with as if he were your BFF.  The love that Jesus has is not like your parents.  It’s so much more!



Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since my last blog.  If you’re wondering why just re-read the title.  Yes!  I officially did exactly what the bible said not to do.  I became weary in well-doing.  So what happened you ask?  I’ll get to that in a sec.  I still want to keep my tradition and live up to the name short n’ sweet by keeping this blog as short as possible!

Long story short, I felt like Sarah, Abraham’s wife in the bible.  I believed God for a promise he made me a few years ago.  No seriously, I really did believe.  But after months turned into years, I started to question whether or not God was holding out on me.  I felt I was ready to get the blessing sooner rather than later, and that feeling quickly turned into anger and frustration when nothing happened right away.

After months, turned into years of praying and crying about the same thing, I became like Sarah, extremely frustrated and I decided to take matters into my own hands.  When it didn’t work out, AT ALL, I began to lose hope in what I was once believed so strongly.  Once the enemy stole my hope, I no longer had the strength to fight the battle of faith.  I quietly settled for defeat.

Even in my silent suffering, God never left me.  In fact, he was working behind the scenes I just did not see it!  My weariness had taken me out, so the enemy thought.  What the devil didn’t know is that even though I had lost my faith that it would come to pass soon;  A piece of me still knew it would come to pass, just not in the time frame I wanted.  Do you know God met me in my weary place?  Hallelujah!  Just like he met Elijah in the cave, God met with me!  He gave me the scripture we all know and love in Isaiah 40…they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.  They shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not faint!  Yes God!  Your word is life and like a fresh cold of water!  It snapped me right out of my coma!

Slowly but surely my faith is increasing, my hope is returning!  But the greatest lesson of all was learning about God’s grace.  I’ll never let myself get this weary ever again now that I understand more about God’s grace.  He gives us grace to endure!  Grace to love!  Grace to serve Him!  I am forever grateful for his grace!  I will ask for it every morning, because I now understand I need it every single day!  I was never meant to carry this life on my own.  That’s why on your journey with Christ, in the sand you’ll see two footprints instead of one.  Selah.


We all have to face this moment with God at some point.  Whether it’s early or late in your walk with his wonderful son Jesus, it will leave an everlasting mark: emotionally and possibly physically.  The question that will explain what God put on my heart to share with you all (and first myself)  is this:  Do you love (it) more than you love me (God)?

God calls them idols.  We call them celebrity crushes, boyfriend/girlfriend, spouses, children, money, success (within self), fame (all about exalting oneself), beauty (vanity), parents, social media, food.  I only named a few but, I am certain there are more.  You can love/idolize memories, fantasies, and fetishes.  You can hold on to things that God says aren’t good for you, and in reality you’re telling God I want this more than you.

It can be as simple as a certain emotion.  You love being sad or down and out since it gives you the attention from those around you, you seek it from.  But God says I want to give you beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for sadness.  Instead of making the great exchange you’d rather keep that emotion because of that instant gratification.  Sadly, you never realize it’s only temporary, and this is why your happy on Tuesday and sad by Thursday.

If you can just learn to love God with your WHOLE heart.  If we all can just learn to let go of earthly desires and set our affection on Jesus.  Love him, seek after him like you would a guy or gal your interested in pursuing.  Talk to him everyday as if your getting to know each other.  Ask questions!  Wait for an answer.  Enjoy spending time in his word.  That’s how you get to know God!  It will begin to feel like your in a relationship because you are acting as if you are in one!  And you are; a spiritual relationship with your heavenly Father.

God bless.

Precious moments with God

We all have moments of impact in our lives that will be forever imprinted in our brain.  Beautiful memories scattered throughout our day pop up as we recall family trips, our children, friends, spouses, pets, friendly strangers, etc.  Usually these moments begin with a conversation or an exchange of something.  Christians should be able to recall some of these precious moments with God.

Here are 4 moments with God I will never forget:


  1. Crying

It’s pretty obvious I’m sure for most of us this is the first experience we have when we accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour.  Then the presence of God overtakes us.  We are filled with an indescribable overwhelming emotion.  When you pray prayers asking God to save your loved ones or prayers for the sick;  the spirit sometimes allows you to sense or feel the pain of others which can overwhelm you.  I’ve experienced tears of joy just dwelling in his presence.  I loved those moments when I first caught on fire.

2. Laughing

I have only laughed a few times while spending time with God.  Especially at his responses sometimes. I’ll go, “How did you know that God?”  I’m sure he’s like because I’m God silly girl!  If you have heard of Kim Walker from the band Jesus Culture she will often laugh during her worship songs.  It is an expression of her adoration towards God.  It’s the cutest yet weirdest thing ever.  But I love it because it is her personal reaction to his presence.

3. Listening

This is probably most important of them all.  Learning God’s voice can be fun and frustrating at the same time.  A friend of mine struggles in this area where she is not certain of the voice of God.  But I am reminded of what someone told me years ago and it stuck with me.  You can always test HIS voice with the word of God; if they match up then it’s God.  If you don’t read your bible you won’t be able to discern God’s voice.  The two go together.  I have had some amazing moments just listening to God.  He has told me things about my future like what my kids names will be ( I don’t have any yet) told me things about my future spouse, even told me when I was going to start a new job (and it happened on that exact date).  You can’t say you have a relationship with God and you only talk to him but don’t listen to him.  Do you know anyone in your circle that’s okay with a one-sided relationship???

4. Repenting

This one here is overlooked all the time I’m sure.  I know some Christians believe you repent once and your good.  Just like there are many levels in our God there are many levels to your deliverance.  What I mean is this:  you can’t tell me that you only struggle with one sin in this life.  There are many areas you struggle in you may not even realize.  For example, the first sin I truly repented and walked away from was fornication.  After feeling free from this sin.  God revealed some time later that I also struggled with pride.  Who me????  Once deliverance came for that another layer was peeled back and discovered rebellion which is an extension of pride.  How God????  I’m telling you.  The deeper in God you go he will show you some pretty ugly things that may be hiding in your soul.  But know that God can deliver you from them all if you want him to!

There are many more precious experiences you will have with God as you spend more time with him.  You will not only learn more about him, but you will also grow to be like Jesus.  Which is what we all should desire….God bless!






I can amaze myself sometimes.  I’ve been in the game now officially 5 years and it feels like I am riding the Batman ride at six flags most days.  Just when you think you got all the answers God comes back and says you’ve got more room to grow.

No problem God….smh

One lesson that I seem to be reminded of constantly is learning to ask God for “good things” in his eyes.  We can learn from our ancient bible friends like David to ask for a clean heart and renew a right spirit.  However, there is nothing wrong with asking God for a baby, spouse, car, house, etc.  But there are things that make God smile when we ask and perhaps we forget about them because life seems to pull at us on every side.

What are these “good things”?  I’ll list a few below…


Oh boy!  You will tug on the heart-strings of God if you ask for this right here!

His word tells us, “Blessed are those that hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled.” Matthew 5:6

Essentially what you are asking God is to clean you from the inside out; to make you whole.  You have heart and desire to be more like him.  To walk in the Spirit and not the flesh.  There is nothing more pleasing to God than this…besides the faith that goes behind believing this.


The peace God gives will leave you in a place of tranquility.  Only God can do this!  No substance on earth can bring this kind of peace.  If we could just learn to keep our minds on Jesus we can have it.  Every single day!  No matter the situation you face!  I can remember a moment in my life where I should have just lost it.  My mother died in 2014, she was only 57, and I was 32.  I carried for months such a rest, a peace from God that I couldn’t even grieve my mother’s death until months down the road.  As a matter a fact I rejoiced!  She got saved a week before she died and that lifted my soul.  

Gifts of the Spirit…

Healing the sick, casting out devils, teaching the word of God, winning souls, missionary, pastor/preacher, etc.  These are gifts that you may be uncertain about, or you may have and don’t how to activate it.  These are good gifts from the Lord and should be used to bring him glory, not ourselves.  


God loves us so much and blesses us everyday, uniquely for each one of his precious children.  There are many things we can ask God for, but as we watch time and this world wind down learn to ask for “good things” in the Father’s eyes.

God bless!



Good afternoon everyone!  I pray your Tuesday is going well.  For some it’s a new day to get things done, and for others it’s just another day; going through the same old thing.

I have a question for you today?  Perhaps you’ve been asked this before.

What is the thorn in your side?

Is it a bad marriage, being single too long, health issues, family issues, or job issues?

Is it a significant death of loved one you can’t get over?

Is it massive debt, job loss, loss of a loved one?

Can you even mention the thorn in your side without your eyes welling up with tears?  If not you’ve definitely got a thorn deep in your heart.  An open wound that only God can heal.

Not even your closest, friend, lover, spouse, or family can heal this hurt.  It’s often something in secret.  Sometimes it’s hard to express exactly what that thing is.  But as soon as someone mentions it….or an event happens that reminds you of it, that wound is instantly tore open again.

Why won’t it heal properly you ask?  I thought it was over it! 

Just because you bury something in the dirt doesn’t mean it’s gone.  It’s still there, it’s just covered up!

One thing we can learn from the Apostle Paul is this:  Keep moving forward even with a thorn in your side.

Don’t give up on what God has purposed you to do, even with that pesky thorn in your side.  You never know if and when God will remove it.  He may just have it there to keep you humble.



The month of August has been an interesting time for me.  I can’t believe the year is almost over.  This year has went by so fast!  So much has happened good and bad!  I thank God for it all because it was all for my good!  I have hit some milestones in my life, some highs and some lows, but knowing in all of it I am a overcomer.

This morning I logged in to my Facebook app to purposely look for the “On this day” feature.  I love to look at the memories; how I have matured in Christ since November 1, 2012.  It reminds me that God is working on me.  Today I saw an old modeling photo shared in August of 2010, probably taken in my late 20’s in downtown STL.  It was a beautiful day out and the photographer I only worked with once.  I remember feeling so beautiful that day in a itty-bitty white bikini.

I left the shoot feeling accomplished.  I was pursuing my dream of being the next Twiggy!  The reality was, I was such a mess.  Modeling was the only way I felt beautiful.  Every other day, I felt ugly and unloved.  As I look at this photo today I see a broken girl, lost in the world trying to find herself.  I didn’t know who I was.  I was seeking male attention, affection, I just wanted to hear the words you are beautiful.  I substituted being sexy for being beautiful, not realizing it, and made it easy for emotionally unavailable men to be attracted to me.

When I see the then and now transformation, I can’t help but give God glory!  I am 5 years celibate only because of our savior Jesus Christ!  I remember the day when he called me out of darkness!  Only because at the time I was willing to hear God speak to me that day!  God wanted to use me even in my mess!  It was through a prophecy received that God said he need a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ from me, and a prophetic dream that made me cry out “YES LORD!”

Today I walk in victory!  Each day I get out of bed, still giving God the glory I overcome the enemy!  I walked away from non-Christian men and ran straight into the arms of Jesus!  I gave up modeling and with that small act of obedience God blessed me!  I have a new walk, talk, and style of clothes.  I have a new attitude about beauty praise God!  Inner beauty is illuminating, it’s attractive, it’s not abrasive and it is pure.  I thank God for giving me an inner beauty.  Yes I do believe I am beautiful on the outside, but I needed to be healed on the inside first.  Only God could do that!

I know that my walk with Christ is not by chance.  I have an assignment to encourage others and I intend to do so!  God is not through with me and he is certainly not through with you!  I am a miracle!  The devil did not want me to be saved!  God found me and turned my life around.  I owe him my life!  Just as he gave his for me!  I love him!  And I love you all too! God bless!




I can’t say I am a fan of the TV show “Married At First Sight”, but to each his own.  It’s funny because people do this in every day life without the wedding bells.  Christian dating and waiting can be tough, whether you’re a guy or girl.  There are times you just get tired of waiting…especially if it’s been a few years.  There are a lot of strong opinions about Christian dating.  Should we date or wait and allow God to choose a spouse for you?  What you do is your business let me just say that. If you are dating let me just say be careful of falling in love At First Sight!

Often we are captured by the persons beauty or physical appearance first.  We really should try to be more like God and look at the heart, see

1 Samuel 16:7 

And for those of us who live in La-la land we dream up a relationship, wedding, and family all within the first 5 minutes of meeting someone.  STOP IT!  Fellas you are already undressing the girl 10 minutes after the first hello.  Don’t do that it stops your brain cells from processing what she is actually saying. Come on now, we all embody the fruit of the spirit temperance (discipline) right?  I’m speaking to myself too!

All I’m saying is, be careful of the “at first sight” syndrome.  Give it time to foster from strangers to associates, associates to friends.  And if something is there and you sense there is more pray and ask God.  That may be your spouse!  God bless!


It’s hard to describe how I feel today.  It is an unusual mixture I haven’t felt before; blissful and yet a little bit of chaos.  Excited and nervous!  Fearful and Bold!  When I hear the words “You are in transition”  I automatically go into panic mode.  It’s a familiar place and yet it is unfamiliar.  It is familiar because I have been in a state of transition before with God.  But I know and understand that every place of transition is not the same.  If you’re a hiker or mountain climber you can understand what I am saying.  Though the goal is the same, how you reach it can be different on each level.  Mountains vary greatly in size and terrain.  Each plateau or place of rest can differ.  Some have more scenic trees or grass, and some have only a small dangerous cliff for you to take break at.  Transition can make you feel like your stepping out in a grassy plateau looking up towards the next hill you have to climb or it can have you standing on the edge, feeling like if you take the wrong step, you’ll fall!

In this moment I feel like Abraham.  Going to a place unbeknownst to me and waiting for God to show me along the route.  In this place I know that I will be changed.  In this season I know that God is making all things new!  I am pursuing God!  Pursuing God will lead you to your destiny.  You don’t have to pursue the destiny!  When you follow Jesus he will lead you beside green pastures as Psalms 23 tells us!  There is a freedom in knowing that you are following God and totally trusting him.  The month of July I put my trust in someone I don’t even know, just met, and followed them to a Christian conference that changed my life forever!  In this journey that lasted 4 days I managed to do things I would never do.  Camping and showering outside was the big ones!  All my basic needs were met and provided for.  I couldn’t ask for a better weekend. In it I saw how we should follow God.  I didn’t ask a lot of questions upfront.  I just said okay.  Trusting this person whom btw is a Christian.  My spirit never said no.  It just said okay.  With God we just need to learn to say okay.  No need to ask 50 questions.  We know God knows the plans he has for our lives right (Jeremiah 29:11)?

There is a freedom in following God, no questions, no doubts, just completely relying on him.  I’m asking you to trust him today!




Hey bloggers and readers I have a question for you!  Who are you allowing to dump their trash into your space?  It’s a hard question I’m sure, since you have to start looking at the people you love.  

Who are you allowing to dump negativity in your life?  Is it a spouse?  A boyfriend/girlfriend or BFF?  One more question, are you the dump truck?  

Some people are so used to complaining that they don’t know how to have a normal conversation.  Is the first thing you do when you call a friend/spouse/significant other is start unloading your problems? I was guilty at one point in my life.  People who are dump trucks dump their problems into your life on a regular basis.  Sometimes daily.  If you are the “dumper” let me tell you something that no one else has…you wear out people.  

The reason why is people often have their own problems and if your flooding their text msgs and phone with issues you overwhelm them.  Now the person is focused on your issue plus theirs!  If you are on the receiving end learn how to filter information.  Sometimes people need someone to pour into for a season!  Notice I said a season!  People who constantly find a familiar place to dump will continue unless you stop them.  

Dumpers need to learn to go to God.  It’s a perfect time to go to God in prayer and tell him the issue.  It trains you to go to the Father that makes all the possible.  Your friends family spouse can’t always help in certain situations or feelings.  Some things need to go to God.  Talking to God can be awesome experience when he responds to you.  Here is another short and sweet blog!  Have a blessed day!