I can amaze myself sometimes.  I’ve been in the game now officially 5 years and it feels like I am riding the Batman ride at six flags most days.  Just when you think you got all the answers God comes back and says you’ve got more room to grow.

No problem God….smh

One lesson that I seem to be reminded of constantly is learning to ask God for “good things” in his eyes.  We can learn from our ancient bible friends like David to ask for a clean heart and renew a right spirit.  However, there is nothing wrong with asking God for a baby, spouse, car, house, etc.  But there are things that make God smile when we ask and perhaps we forget about them because life seems to pull at us on every side.

What are these “good things”?  I’ll list a few below…


Oh boy!  You will tug on the heart-strings of God if you ask for this right here!

His word tells us, “Blessed are those that hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled.” Matthew 5:6

Essentially what you are asking God is to clean you from the inside out; to make you whole.  You have heart and desire to be more like him.  To walk in the Spirit and not the flesh.  There is nothing more pleasing to God than this…besides the faith that goes behind believing this.


The peace God gives will leave you in a place of tranquility.  Only God can do this!  No substance on earth can bring this kind of peace.  If we could just learn to keep our minds on Jesus we can have it.  Every single day!  No matter the situation you face!  I can remember a moment in my life where I should have just lost it.  My mother died in 2014, she was only 57, and I was 32.  I carried for months such a rest, a peace from God that I couldn’t even grieve my mother’s death until months down the road.  As a matter a fact I rejoiced!  She got saved a week before she died and that lifted my soul.  

Gifts of the Spirit…

Healing the sick, casting out devils, teaching the word of God, winning souls, missionary, pastor/preacher, etc.  These are gifts that you may be uncertain about, or you may have and don’t how to activate it.  These are good gifts from the Lord and should be used to bring him glory, not ourselves.  


God loves us so much and blesses us everyday, uniquely for each one of his precious children.  There are many things we can ask God for, but as we watch time and this world wind down learn to ask for “good things” in the Father’s eyes.

God bless!

Helpmeet vs. Swapmeet

Good afternoon bloggers and readers!  It is my pleasure to present today’s topic are you a helpmeet or just swapmeet.  Trust me I am not trying to jab anyone, but I want you to understand what it looks like from a male perspective when your looking for a husband.  Ladies if you don’t have a male confidant, like an older brother or a good friend (not a friend you’re secretly attracted to, but just a friend) get one!  It helps!!

I am often baffled when I see women who jump from relationship to relationship or brag about the back up buddy just in case the new guy messes up.  It’s sad because women are only trying to find true love.  I know because I used to be one.  But you have to be aware of how it looks to GOOD men!  It’s not a good thing trust me.

In fact a godly man won’t even look twice.  I heard a guy say once he wasn’t fond of a woman who dated a lot.  It didn’t matter to him that she wasn’t sleeping around with all of them.  He said something so profound it stuck with me.  “Women who jump from guy to guy just aren’t secure in themselves.  I want a confident woman.  Makes since ladies?book cover



It seems single ministries in churches are already far and few between.  But what’s even more alarming is that it focuses on simply being single and serving vs. waiting and working.  This is honestly just my opinion, but I believe too many churches (especially black churches) are not preparing single people for marriage.  They are just training them to serve.  It’s also an eye sore to see the single ministries filled with women and maybe one or two men if that.  What’s the matter?  I hear Christian men say they don’t need help finding the woman God has for them.  This may be true for some, who actually seek God and don’t have a Samson personality.  Seriously though there needs to be a recharacterization in single ministries ASAP!  Thought and comments are welcome!  God bless!

Segregation of the Church

It saddens me that more churches aren’t multicultural! I love visiting churches where I can find so many races in one room, worshiping God! It is awesome! I may not be a pure blood relative of Martin Luther King Jr. but I am a believer in what he stood for! Growing up in the St. Louis area things are still so separate. We all have to go to the same heaven. We won’t be separated into races! We will be one body. We should all come together now because we are going to the same place. The same thing goes for denominations. There more time we spend together the more we can learn from one another. Lets act like we are all truly awaiting the time Jesus comes back and lets join together! Amen!