Proverbs 31??????

In a recent prayer I had with my prayer group, the Lord said to me “You are a virtuous woman!”  I knew this already however, when he said to me research it, I knew there was more to this word than I was currently grasping.  I am a researcher by nature.  The Lord definitely put a detective spirit in me!  I love to research, analyze, and seek out information.  I like to discover new information unknown to myself.  So as I have grown in my bible study, I am learning to look the Hebrew/Greek meaning of words used.  Since virtuous woman is used in Proverbs 31 I looked up the Hebrew meaning.  And I must say I was in awe of what I found!  We know the English standard meaning is morally right or pure.  The Hebrew meaning and word, which is chayil, is completely different.  It literally means strength, power, or might.  It made me look side ways for a second.  I hope you had the same reaction.  I immediately got excited though!  You see some us are taught to be a shadow behind a man, as we are told women are the weaker vessel.  There are some mighty women in the bible!  Esther the queen and Deborah the judge for example.  When you read all of Proverbs 31, the virtuous woman, has talents, she brings money in, and the scripture says “She girdeth her loins with strength!”  The word chayil also can be translated to wealth.  Women can bring wealth to the household.  And there is proof in the world today.  We can add to household not just subtract.  We are strong and mighty.  Have you noticed most women are intercessory prayers?  We are warriors!  We can war and fight when our husbands are tired.  Don’t just think of yourself as a virtuous woman as pure and moral, but also strong and mighty!


Segregation of the Church

It saddens me that more churches aren’t multicultural! I love visiting churches where I can find so many races in one room, worshiping God! It is awesome! I may not be a pure blood relative of Martin Luther King Jr. but I am a believer in what he stood for! Growing up in the St. Louis area things are still so separate. We all have to go to the same heaven. We won’t be separated into races! We will be one body. We should all come together now because we are going to the same place. The same thing goes for denominations. There more time we spend together the more we can learn from one another. Lets act like we are all truly awaiting the time Jesus comes back and lets join together! Amen!