Deuteronomy 2:3(KJV)

Ye have compassed this mountain long enough: turn you northward.

This scripture gave me life the first time I digested it in the beginning of 2015.  I use the word digested because I have read Deuteronomy several times and never paid attention to that powerful verse!  The Lord had dropped a much needed revelation from this overlooked scripture.  

For me this meant the mountain of poverty, sickness/disease, depression, and a broken heart!  I am certain many of you have suffered from many of these afflictions and probably can add to the list!  Feel free to make your own and then apply this scripture to your prayers to God exalting him!  Declare, “I have compassed the mountain of poverty, sickness, etc. and I will move forward!”  

This will be one of many titled blogs, so for the first session I would like to focus on a broken heart.  Christians with a broken heart or spirit if they are not seeking God walk in defense mode.  A wall of stone is built around their heart so that no one can hurt them again. They are like pit bulls, don’t get too close or they will bite you!  

Themes of a broken person often play on repeat in the secret places of their mind.  The hide resentment, bitterness, anger, jealousy, envy, and even malice.   They wish ill will on those who they feel have wronged them. They rehearse events in their minds that caused them to lose trust in others.  They speak peace but really there is a war going on in their hearts and their thoughts.  So without realizing it they never grow in God.  They spend their lives circling the same mountains.  How do you come out of these dangerous life cycles…to be continued….