Our Men Need Help!!!

As the Lord continues to use me to witness to men, I find that more and more men are heart broken.  Whether it’s from bad relationships, rejection, or feelings of abandonment; I run across men everyday who feel less of man.

It is unfortunate that our men are being teared down by strong and dominant women.  It is a viscous cycle caused by women who are raised in a single parent home and learn to become independent.

So how do we reverse this?  You might think I’m crazy.  You probably can’t stand the word.


The word is submit.  Yes ladies we have to learn to submit to the men.  I didn’t say submit to your boyfriend that refuses to put a ring on it.  I didn’t say say submit to the guy you’ve been dating a month.  And I definitely didn’t say submit to the man who still has no clue what he is doing in his life.  Only submit to the man that God has for you.

I man loves to feel needed and respected.  Ladies this is how you will get the desire you want from him, which is to love you and love on you!


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